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Our EarthWay Turf Scientist and former golf course superintendent selected this blend because of its 2% Iron (Fe) and 1% Manganese (Mn). Maxwell Premier Pre Seed 6-9-6 Regular. Apply this fertiliser before seeding. - In a 25kg bag: 6% of the 25kg is nitrogen i.e. When you purchase a bag of LESCO® seed, you can be confident that you’re going to get exactly what you paid for. A small range of tested products from Earthway for use on lawns from a postage stamp to over an acre and from simple squares to complex undulating lawns with shrubberies, play frames and obstacles. The Best Time to Apply Starter Fertilizer for Grass Seed. Control Products. Pre Seed is an extremely flexible fertiliser that can also be used to complement the other products in the PREMIER RANGE. Spread GroRight Lawn Establishment Fertiliser by hand or with a spreader at the recommended rate of 40g per m². The nitrogen contains a slow release methylne urea (nutralene) which allows the seedling to have vital nitrogen without causing burn or rapid absorption of nitrogen. Two specific moments are better to apply starter fertilizer. ICL Specialty Fertilizers respects your privacy and is legally required to inform you of the use of cookies on the website. Pre-seeder fertiliser is a great way of ensuring that your grass seed gets off to the best possible start. Get it Saturday, Jul 18. 2.25kg P, 6% of the 25kg is potassium i.e. its high phosphorus content not only aids germination but also helps promote a healthy root system. Ideal for use prior to seeding/over-seeding or laying turf. - Under the metric system the unit of measurement is a kg. Pre-turf fertiliser is used to improve soil fertility before laying turf or sowing grass seed. Ideal for lawns, outfield and amenity areas where establishing new seed or phosphate amendment is needed. All components are perfectly adapted for intensive use. ICL Sportsmaster PS5 Pre-seeder 8-12-8 +3%Mg Fertiliser Contains the ideal balance of nutrients to strengthen the turf for the rigours of winter use. Secondly, while you are planting the seeds. Ideal for use prior to seeding/over-seeding or laying turf; Model Format Width Rows/Spacing Hopper Seed/Fertiliser WeightPrice Cayena 6001 trailed 6.0m 36/166mm 3,600 litreseed 5,579kg£70,500 Cayena 6001-C trailed 6.0m 36/166mm 4,000 litreseed/fertiliser 5,679kg£78,340 Pre-coulter elements: Optional … The PFS4000, PFS5060 & PFS8010 pendulum-type broadcast spreaders are capable of spreading seed, top dressings, prilled/granular fertilizer, lime, and iron at delivery rates ranging from 44 to 890 lbs. The high phosphorus levels in Sportsmaster Pre-Seeder enhances seed establishment and to improve rooting. 6-9-6 Nutrigrow Pre-Seeder Fertiliser 25kg, 10-4-4+TE Nutrigrow Spring-Rise Fertiliser 25kg, 9-7-7 Nutrigrow Spring Lawn Fertiliser 25kg, 6% nitrogen + 9% phosphate + 6% potassium, Amenity Turf, Horticulture, Lawn, Paddock, Pasture, Sports Turf, January, February, March, April, May, June, September, October, November, December, Spring, Autumn, Winter. The high phosphorus levels encourage rooting and establishment . Potassium ensures that your turf is even more resilient to external stresses. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Sportsmaster Pre-Seeder is ideal for use from spring to autumn. BASIS, FACTS, BETA & NPTC Qualified Sales Advisors on hand. These responsibilities are covered by The Food and Environment Protection Act 1985 (FEPA) and Control of Pesticide Regulations 1986 (COPR). Approved third parties also use these tools in connection with our display of ads. The combination of the 3 macronutrients (nitrogen, phosphate and potassium) help plants grow healthily and produce a higher crop yield. Cookies. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. per acre with a spreading width of 20' to 46'. Please be aware that by proceeding you are purchasing a professional pesticide product. Directions for Use. It is especially good when used on thin or low nutrient soil. This product promotes a healthy root development and encourages strong and rapid growth. However, some new formulas have different schedules to maximize the effect of the fertilizer. Pre-seeder fertiliser is a great way of ensuring that your grass seed gets off to the best possible start. Application Rate. The granules contain slow release nutrients for when the lawn needs them.. Comes in a 1 litre tub and covers 28 m². Add To Basket. Can be applied anytime of the year. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, FREE Delivery on orders over £10 for books or over £20 for other categories shipped by Amazon, Get a Superior Deeper Greening in just 3 days, Miracle-Gro Fast Green Lawn Food, 7 kg Bag - 200 sq m Coverage (Child and Pet Friendly), Extreme Green, Miracle-Gro Fast Green Lawn Food, 14 kg Bag Spreader - 400 sq m Coverage (Child and Pet Friendly), Extreme Green, Miracle-Gro Fast Green Lawn Food, Spreader - 80 sq m Coverage (Child and Pet Friendly), Extreme Green, Ivisons LAWN GRASS TURF PRE SEED FERTILISER NPK 6-9- 6 REGULAR LAWN FEED (1kg), Gro-Sure Aqua Gel Coated Smart Grass Lawn Seed, 25 m2, 1 kg, Potatoes Grow Bags 3 Pack 7 Gallon Heavy Duty PE Garden Growing Bags Vegetable Planter Planting Garden Pots with Handles & Large Harvest Window -For Planting Potato Carrot Onion Taro Radish Peanut, Tradefarmni Iron Sulphate Premium Soluble Fertiliser Moss Killer and Lawn Greener Dry Powder Tub, 5 Kg. Ivisons Pre Seed Lawn Fertiliser NPK 6-9-6 quantity. This is a slow-release fertilizer that feeds approximately .10 lbs of N/1,000 sqft../week to extend the duration of a dark green grass. This is a granular product to be applied by spreader or by hand; Best applied during or just after turfing or seeding Product Advantages: Ideal for use prior to seeding/over-seeding or laying turf 1.5kg K. - For more information on fertiliser rates visit QUICK RELEASE: Pre-Seed is a phosphate-rich fertiliser that provides your seedbed with the best foundation for establishing new seedlings. We don’t use fillers, ensuring maximum coverage for full and complete seed … It is also excellent when applied as a … Also a great late summer/autumn feed. This is a granular product to be applied by spreader or by hand. Dust free, uniform 2-4mm homogeneous mini granules. How much 6-9-6 Nutrigrow Pre-Seeder Fertiliser 25kg will you need? Keep your garden looking its best with this pre turf and lawn seed fertiliser from Verve. When your lawn is healthy from the very beginning it will repel weeds, resist disease and look so good that it makes the neighbours jealous. By law, everyone who uses pesticides professionally must have received adequate training in using pesticides safely and be skilled in the job they are carrying out." Sportsmaster Pre-Seeder is ideal to use from spring to autumn. Company Number: 8257545. QUANTITY. The extra magnesium content improves turf colour and masks the symptoms of stress. Fertiliser and seed spreader for large and fine turf areas Home and garden spreaders for spreading lawn feed and grass seed. Select an option for more information. Always read the label and product information before use. It helps to produce healthy plants that will grow strongly and evenly. The PS 800 M1 D with 28.25 cu ft capacity has the largest hopper volume of the Pneumatic Seeders of the APV Fertilizer Edition. This will stimulate root growth and provide the essential early feed to get the lawn off to a good start. 93. Simply use them in accordance with the directions, and you … VAT Number: 154576686. We make use of functional cookies and analytic cookies to make sure you will have the best experience. Placing fertilizer in-furrow with the seed during planting is a common practice in small grain production and to some extent in row crop production. Seed. The low formulation of nutrients will produce strong and healthy grass without any risk of scorch. The granules contain slow release nutrients for when the lawn needs them.. Comes in a 1 litre tub and covers 28 m². - A fertiliser with the analysis 6:9:6 contains: 6% nitrogen, 9% phosphate, 6% potassium. During this period the area should be well watered 2 to 3 times. 25 - 35 grams per square metre. Its high Phosphorus content helps promote and establish a healthy root system. 285 sq metres - DEFRA Registered, Healthy Garden Lawn Biostimulant - 500ml grow a greener, healthier and stronger lawn Plant Health Garden Care Child & Pet Friendly, Multi-Tasker Family Grass Seed Garden Lawn Hard Wearing Belvoir Seeds, 10kg Top Quality Grass Seed/Lawn Seed - (A1LAWN AM Pro Landscape) - Covers Approx.

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