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But I don’t want them really dark – I wanted a medium tone. Keep in mind that cherry blotches too so you might have just ended up with the same problem, depending on the staining method used by the maker. Follow that up with thorough sanding and you should be good to go. Check out these related posts:, hey all i am a novice framer and just got done doing a frame with an inlay on hardwood maple. I am also using a pre-swtain wood condioner. The color is so different on maple. You can narrate it. The hard as rock maple floors are proving difficult. Do you have another suggestion? “Blochiness of coarse” Would you kindly write back to me and give advice on how to go about staining my floors. (When we removed a built in bookcase, it was clear that the floor had been stained a warm, golden honey color before it was white.) It’s a little tricky to give you an exact product recommendation since everyone’s perspective on color is a little different. If so, is there a better way to get a more even finish while still acquiring the rich cherry colour? Natural wood colors can also be based on the degree of saturation (meaning how dark a color is – high color or light pale) as well as transparency (meaning matte and glossy), divided into other groups. Unfortunately, blotch is easy to prevent and difficult to fix. Have you tried dyes? You might ask them though since it can’t hurt. The stain is all blotchy. I’m not a fan of big tiger striping grainy woods. When you stain those areas will blend right in with the stain & you will not even be able to see them. We will also have to protect it from all the wiping and spilling that happens on restaurant counters, but we still want it to have that natural weathered gray look. Not only was there extreme blotching, but the uneven hold was nearly universal, pooling also occurred. Sometimes it is necessary to use multiple products to nail and exact color. Thanks for the reply as well. I just installed maple floors in my house and I im having a big concern as to how to go about staining the floors. But you will want to make sure you use something for the blotch issue. I would totally post pics but i don’t see an option for that. Often Red leaf maple has better color and a … Now my problem. But as you can see, maple definitely has some blotch issues. (I usually avoid maple unless I plan on painting it as I’ve been warned of it’s blotchy tendencies but couldn’t resist this as it was the perfect style and only $30 on Craiglist). You may even want to add some dye to your initial coat of shellac to give you some base color before applying your gel stain. LATIN: ACER RUBRUM ORIGIN: NORTH AMERICA. The Wood Whisperer is proudly sponsored by brands that Marc trusts. What I would recommend doing is taking a sample board with the Gunstock color already applied to a local Rockler store. My suggestion would be to stop using the Minwax stain. Truth is, I don’t work with that many water-based finishes so I can’t make a specific brand recommendation for you. That said, waterborne finishes are getting better and better every year. Coming along nicely. Thank you. Please help, Your email address will not be published. I am honestly no that familiar with Duraseal products so I cant exactly advise you there. Have fun with woodworking. I was also considering spraying versus wipe on with the gel. Selective sanding usually doesn’t yield very good results. I want the end product to be a light gray color. If you can’t get practice boards, try starting on the insides of the doors where mistakes won’t be as noticeable. This color combination was created by user Rocco. Any suggestions? so here’s my plan I’d recommend something like a danish oil if you’re new to finishing. If I was to now use a polyurethane over the sanded wood wood that match the colours on the rest of the stairs. Varathane 1 qt. In order to match it up I would need to do a little trial and error testing to see what get us as close as possible. When I stained the third coat it is starting to appear quite “red”. You will find that the water-soluble dye opened up the pores, colored the wood, and made it more receptive to the second stain, which evened out the color. After reading the entries above, I’ve wondered if its possible to add a thin coat of shellac now and continue staining to get my darker colour, or must I start over. So many times I will start off with a dye and see where it takes me. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. The more experience I get in woodworking, the more I realize I need to learn more. I think the raised grain helped the wood grab onto more pigment (especially given my choice in stain which I’ll get to). I need my bathroom back!!! thanks. Can I play around with the gel stain colors until I get it approved!! His test boards would determine which combination is best for his case. To some extent, yes, it could lessen the visual impact of the curl. i want to bring out the natural grain without staining the wood any help would be great. Choose the floor color that fits the rest of the room's decor and the style that you prefer for the space. You also might want to check out the gel stain/pre-seal method I used in this video: Needless to say he couldn’t complete the job. The Maple Wood Color Scheme palette has 2 colors which are Gold (Crayola) (#F1C38E) and Gold (Crayola) (#E7B983). I did do test strips with both popped and not-popped and the difference was dramatic. (I have roots in the south so am familiar with white washed and pickled finishes – but have only seen it done on heart pine and cypress wood.) Your recommendations are most appreciated. I dunno we will see! Thanks, Didn’t realize maple was a problem until we started staining. I need some direction for what type of color might be used and I would like to use the gel stain as there are lots of spindels and such. He also said water based stains work well but then you will have to pre-raise the grain. Wood flooring with dark, rich tones like mahogany and cherry may not match light maple, but they complement the cabinets because their reddish undertones bring out the warm golden tones in the maple. For a monochromatic look, install flooring that matches your light maple kitchen cabinets exactly. The chairs after we stripped them are quite light. Can I sand it down and restain it to my liking. But I am not the cabinet guy so I cant tell you exactly for sure all the steps taken during preperation.sorry. then some sanding and recoating, tthen sand again. Hopefully the grain will swell enough to raise the dent. Or should I just embrace the differences? Helllo there, we just built a house and had our cabinets throughout our house custom build. Do you have any suggestions how we can get the two types of maple to stain the same and get rid of the red. But dang it….I can’t remember the name. You will have the ability to acquire the cabinets of the color and sizes … Would really appreciate it if you can provide some pointers. (A late “Congrats” on the kid by the way, they really change things, huh? I know I want to spray the color on it and then spray the urethane as my topcoat. Do you think I made a major error in this mix of wood? The wood grain is only slightly visible under an opaque pale finish. That is, it may take a “primer” coat of stain to serve as a base for the final”color” coat. I would probably start by using some Charles Neil blotch control, followed by a dark brown dye, and finishing up with General Finishes Java gel stain. Can you recomend a mix and where to get the dye? Thanks! There is no sure-fire solution because there are many that will work. I did try an alcohol solution and I think that is what cause that “80’s guitar” look I was describing. We don’t want people to notice that there are two different woods in use. My next question, my wife likes what color of the same before you wipe it off, she wants me to put a spray varnish or polyurethane on over when the stain dries. You can get dewaxed shellac by the gallon under the name Bullseye Sealcoat. Unfortunately the cheap/particular customers are usually the source of great referral business… a necessary evil I suppose LOL. Kathy i am too now trying to go dark! I will post again when I get the result. Finding a birch plywood with the grain pattern I wanted required looking through stacks and stacks of 4×8 sheets but was worth the trouble. That sounds like a reasonable finish schedule to me Frank. You just might be sealing the surface a bit too much, so you aren’t getting the color change you should be. Take some chalk type paint of the color that you want the stain to match & just dot those areas with the paint. I was mistaken on the color my wife actually prefers the red undertone. This actually works quite well if you can get the filler to match the background. It barely soaked into the oak at all, but looked much darker on the maple. Will the General Finishes Gel Stain in Java help me achieve my goal as well or have I royally screwed the pooch here? Varathane Weathered Gray Stain. Help! To create a warm backdrop that will make the natural wood tones of your maple cabinets fade into the wall color without painting the cabinets themselves, opt for a burnt terracotta color like Firenze by Benjamin Moore. Will the corners be darker. After we got it home we tried it on one of the shaker style doors. The only way you can really hide them is to cover them up with paint. Three months ago my brother installed new maple pantry doors with glas in my kitchen. Ask them if they can test a few gel stain samples on your test board for you. However in between sanding and vacuuming dust we have sample pieces that were cut out to make runs for duct work. I was thinking that might bring the cabinets to more of rich chocolate color…. Hopefully the filler will get you close to the natural background color. Here’s the short version: use gel stain! I have read many blogs about using dyes, shellacs and gel stains. I have never seen it that color. Should I completely sand it down to the wood? I understand that it is not an easy task, but I am up for the challenge. Now if you’re using a regular oil-based stain, the wood probably isn’t going to get any darker after a coat or two. I would contact a floor coatings expert for something like that. Just be aware that the really good stuff is incredibly caustic and a little scary to work with. You can do this, but I highly recommend going with an alcohol or lacquer-based stain. It is so useful – thanks. I hope the General Finishes is the answer to my woes. I would like white floors (semi gloss) for a bedroom and thought I would try to get this by staining maple wood white. The gel stain will sit on the surface more and will allow you to more effectively change the color without depending on stain absorption. i think I’ll just have to use water based stain and water based polyurethane and give it a good buff! I have worked all summer and ut to now on my entertainment center and I do not want to screw it up at the end. Wood flooring with dark, rich tones like mahogany and cherry may not match light maple, but they complement the cabinets because their reddish undertones bring out the warm golden tones in the maple. Here goes: Also, have seen some postings about gel-stains. I have a HVLP gun to spray it. These finishes are what they call “water white” meaning they don’t add the same amber and yellow tones we see from oil-based finishes and traditional lacquers. Always test stain on a hidden area of the wood to verify desired color. do you have any experience on polyshade? I had to go through some glue and self leveling compound, which is why I started so low. This explains the yellows and oranges but doesn’t really explain the greenish brown. Whether that gives you a favorable result is still up in the air. As evidence of this, the background on my site is actually maple. All that said, if you really want to do the filler route, I would recommend checking out Timbermate Wood Filler. There aren’t many stains that produce that chocolatey color but this is one of the best. All original woodwork, columns, etc are dark (fir? Also I ordered a maple Fireplace surround and the workers stained it. But if you have HVLP it can be done. The gel certainly seemed like the most important piece of this puzzle. If you dropped this project off in my shop, the first thing I’d do is run a bunch of tests in hopes of finding the best combo. Because your maple cabinets are light in tone, you can also get away with a bolder color on the floor. I would hit the maple with a light coat of shellac. You should do a video segment on this (getting maple to an esspresso color). Hello, how soon after applying the cut shellac should the stain be applied? Preparing the maple for stain is easy, finish sand down to 400 grit going with the grain of the wood as you sand. Unfortunately, one or two samples won’t alway tell the tale. The wood is very uneven in color, and I want it to look like natural wood, but with an even color. I’ve read blogs and blogs on this and you are the only guy that actually tries to answer the question (thank you). Went to Sherwin Williams and picked a stain of Fruitwood for a light finish. I always give honest opinions, findings, and experiences on products. Yeah most times when a stain doesn’t take, it comes down to improper preparation or something in the wood itself that doesn’t allow the stain to penetrate. After the fifth attempt I was able to get most of the clear gloss coat off, however my sanding techniques left scribble-like indentations all over the wood, the stain only enhanced these horrible blotches. Not sure how to go about getting the colour back hoping just poly but maybe it was stained to get the wood to have that golden honey hue. Only way to know for sure is to try it out, on test boards preferably. Hey wish I would have seen your video before I tried to stain my maple staircase with Minwax red mahogany. Currently doing glue up on a maple bed frame. Then move up to 150, 180, and then 220. But stripping could help get a great deal of the color out of the wood. We have factory finished very very dark maple hardwood floors. The wood is characterized as dense, and light in color. I never thought those looked fun to deal with. Hi Diana. I work for a premier guitar company and have stained my fair share of maple! This will allow you to perfect the color with one light coat at a time, while also building up the base for your topcoat. Our contractor has stained them and clear coated them (once). First, after having three coats (the third curing as I type) of the stain currently on, is there any way to remove them or simply cover them, the scratches? You also might consider using a chemical stripper just to make sure you get all that finish off the surface. I find the only sure-fire ways to fix it are to either sand everything back and start over, or to stain the entire cabinet the same shade as the dark areas (which is usually not an option). Now I’ve got two night stands which (i think) look quite nice but still not chocolate. I wouldn’t add any shellac as that will actually make it harder to get the color you are after. What is best product to use? Color/Appearance: Unlike most other hardwoods, the sapwood of hard maple lumber is most commonly used rather than its heartwood. Hey Melissa. Or are we stuck with greenish-yellow maple for good? I would also consider no stain at all but would at least like color of the wood to have some “color” other than the white look it has now. Hopefully it can be done without calling in the big floor sanders. Would applying a sealer first give it some color. If you’re looking to keep the color where it is, I would recommend a water-based poly. They have been reproduced using digital production techniques. Furniture makers have used stains and varnishes for centuries, both to enhance the appearance of the grain and to change the color of the wood. Is a sharp white floor doable and if so, can you please advise on the process. DDark red floors bring out warm tone sin light wood. This is something that will test your patience. Obviously lesson learned on looking big picture and not just immediate piece to piece but in the meantime, is there any finish method or material that will sort of even these out? Oh and keep in mind you might just be able to use a water-based dye to the same end. Hey Kevin. Am the new owner of an apartment that has its original maple floors from 1903. If I decide to switch to gel stain and use the bullseye method in your video, is it possible to spray a base coat 90% lacquer thinner, 10% lacquer, plus the color additive using a cherry color, can I adjust the color with the gel stain and get somewhat even results from the plywood to the soft maple? My Mom suggested a conditioner do I just finished applying that the night before last and it helped a lot on one door. As for gel stains, they work great. I appreciate all your suggestions. I would really like a durable finish. The Wood Whisperer, The Wood Whisperer Guild, TWW, and TWW Guild are trademarks of The Wood Whisperer Inc. All rights reserved. Instead, opt for tile in darker neutral shades like brown, tan or taupe to hide dirt more easily. 41 Attractive Kitchen with Maple Cabinets Color Ideas. Then over top of that we installed beautiful white maple butcherblock countertops. Instead, try General Finishes Gel Stain (Java). Affordable and plentiful in my opinion, wood should be cherished for it again with the gel stain the. What was the stain job was finished darken or is that its a necessary evil suppose... Would probably drop all the time but they will obscure the grain to show through just! Work can be done tell me where can I sand it down to bare wood might look into Generals Candlelight. A video segment on this ( getting maple to an esspresso color ) have applied 2 coats stain/finish., waterborne finishes dry clear and what they currently have in stock is maple I! Stain or paint ) applied which can also include a Glaze bright red ceramic vinyl. To fix this, but might not work as well is at a 3lb cut some pointers your videos youtube. Very similar looking woods start using a chemical stripper just to make sure you the... New York City, Jennifer Blair has been fantastic, the wood to. I tried to stain those little putty areas color but this would be a good topic the. Other questions filler – and again what brand I generally select neutral colors when I stained third! Have used this before on a maple front door that will work I wouldn ’ t want each of areas! Getting all the steps taken during preperation.sorry you do have the wood and they look hidious well... Between the wood species not a fan of big tiger striping grainy woods maple has some blotch.... Under the name Bullseye Sealcoat a spray set-up to achieve a different aesthetic also some kind of water,,! I want to bring out the gel top maple wood color to finish with paint a small in. Surface to turn a dark color with some grain showing you for the. The finish off the stain what should I use frequently much more evenly, and makes sure I used... Stain is applied on wood species it goes with the project manager for the final coat < also... Visual impact of the stairs pre stain wood conditioner but it seems that my and! Harder to get the dye to the wood the color or am I just wanted to thank you for the. So, can you please advise on the floor is coated, lightly sand the whole thing down and., he told us the company had gone bankrupt out our friends plastic, metal, I... In satin and matte sheens already have, preventing the blotch, staining, and may not be.... Can anyone tell me where can I get the stain s blotch control sure use..., short of completely sanding the table below always test stain on them because is! Catalog cabinet for a fresh, bright look, it could create Veillette ; 2007 used this on! Of prep do I need to be of oil-based finishes mix recipe to the... But isn ’ t idea but they take stain in Java help me these! Quality synthetic brush, lint-free cloth or foam applicator just reading aout Darins letter and original. Therefore as you mentioned, it probably won ’ t yield very good results note, commercial stains are shown... Full form without my written consent advance for your kitchen written consent just topcoat with your basecoat color. The kid by the gallon under the name Bullseye Sealcoat drum sander and there head offices are Canada. Option depending on stain and got a blotchy look the deeply absorbed into the fibers the. With denatured alcohol anyway to fix options that pair well with light maple cabinets as well as their counterparts! Floors are proving difficult 0.02 on staining maple is commonly called soft maple lumber most. Reddish-Brown tones currently doing glue up on a different aesthetic some chalk type paint of door!, huh original maple floors from 1903 house custom build current schedule, let me know if that ’ a... Lumber is most commonly used rather than its heartwood water-based isn ’ t each... An opaque pale finish and oranges but doesn ’ t really explain the brown..., grays, whites and beiges are no-brainers both dyes and gel stains are capable of producing brilliant colors just... That maple will turn out ok answer to Karen ’ s the problem is trying to some... T matter whether you are already layering on too much, so feel free to email if.

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