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Likey 2. 2 when "TT" hit the runners-up spot in late 2016 on World Digital Song Sales. It provided a new light to view The Nation’s Girl Group in, and it broke their own “24 hour view record” on YouTube. Image by @twicetagram | instagram. 'Yes or Yes' represents a split in Twice’s discography. It was released digitally and physically on October 30, 2017 by JYP Entertainment and distributed through Genie Music. 'Signal' is one of Twice’s most successful songs, as it won Song Of The Year and Best Dance Performance at MAMA 2017. TWICE - twicetagram: 7.8 BLACKPINK - THE ALBUM: 6.2 ... Just found out one of the TWICE songs in this rate was written by someone called "Assbrass"..... codecat, Dec 21, 2020 at 2:57 PM #54. thommyh, nikkysan, Joli Chat and 10 others like this. 4/10. This song is brighter than the sun during summer, and it utilizes a variety horns and synths. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. ). She is the shortest member in Twice. JYPK-08 54; CD). No new music today, so today it’s another unboxing of an album in my collection that you have not seen yet. TWICE presents The 1st Album ‘twicetagram’ on the 30th and releases the title song ‘LIKEY’, taking another step towards the No.1 girl group in Asia. I've started listening to your music and it's so good! Especially Nayeon!! '1 To 10' slaps hard, but Twice's vocals sound very innocent on the track. There’s something special about a crowd of 12,000+ Once all screaming “cheer up baby” louder than the speakers. The album and its lead single "Likey" debuted atop both Billboard's World Albums and World Digital Song Sales respectively—the group's first number 1, making Twice the first female K-pop act to lead on both charts. Serving as their closing song during the TWICELIGHTS World Tour, 'Stuck' is one of the happiest sad songs Twice has to offer. Every time Twice introduces themselves, they always lead off by saying “one in a million.” 'One In A Million' is a pop ballad that Twice has used as a closing song for many of their concerts. The title track on Twice’s first Japanese album, BDZ is a song made for the fan chants. This song is about liking someone who is growing cold towards you. Like OOH-AHH. Yes or Yes’ concept is different than what Twice had been doing before the song’s release, and it sets the tone for what was to come next. 'Dance The Night Away' is a Twice classic. Chronologically, 'Knock Knock' is supposed to take place before the song 'TT'. Although 'Heart Shaker' is not a Christmas song, it somehow feels unique to wintertime. The M/V then ends with Twice knocking on their own front door, only for two kids inside the now cursed home, to hear it. It’s upbeat, and it’s happy. YEEEEE OOOP. Twicetagram is the first studio album by South Korean girl group TWICE. 'What Is Love?' Rising K-pop group TWICE has graced the world with new music once again with the release of their first full-length album twicetagram on Monday (Oct. 30). That is why this song is a “must know” for Once all around the world. Dua Lipa, a very famous pop singer in the U.S., has partaken in song writing for Twice’s next full album… sounds like we’ve got some bangers coming — TWICE U.S. OFFICIAL (@TwiceUSofficial) October 10, 2020 'Stuck' invokes the feeling of missing someone, and that’s exactly how you’d feel after the concert. The year of "YES" TWICE. I wasn't going to post anything because I'm meant to stay away from this forum for mental health reasons or. Stream ad-free with Amazon Music Unlimited on mobile, desktop, and tablet. Image by @TWICE JAPAN OFFICIAL YouTube Channel | Youtube. There is nothing more iconic than hearing Jeongyeon hit that high note towards the end of the song. twicetagram might open with a social-media love anthem ("LIKEY"), but the girls aren't just about posting for the 'gram. 'Breakthrough' is a color pop banger that focuses on more mature shades. On September 25, JYP Entertainmentconfirmed that the group would be releasing a new Korean album in late October though the exact date was still undecided. 'Turtle' is a Twice song that doesn’t view love like their other songs might entail. By Lai Frances. Promoted alongside TT for all of their comeback stages, '1 To 10' is one of those songs that many Once know by heart. This song is the full K-Pop package as it has a catchy beat, memorable lyrics, and fun choreography. “Nal barabarabwa” is one of the most under-appreciated lines from a Twice song ever. Both of the M/V’s are intertwined as they detail the story of Twice receiving a magical book, and getting locked out of their house. Wow 5. Heartshaker 15. The following is a complete list of songs by South Korean girl group Twice. LIKEY. Jaljayo Good Night 14. Look At Me 9. Their first mini-album was called “The Story Begins,” and this song definitely marks the beginning of Twice’s journey. This song put Twice on the map. Merry & Happy is the reissue of South Korean girl group Twice's first studio album, Twicetagram. Kuhleezi. Yes or yes? 'Candy Pop' is the quintessential bubblegum pop song. 18) STUCK (Summer Nights) Just found out one of the TWICE songs in this rate was written by someone called "Assbrass"................... You should be used to it, don’t you stan them? This song even got Twice nominated for a Golden Disc Award back in 2016. It’s a song fitting for the summer, and it’s impossible to be sad while listening to it. 1d Reply. How You Like That 2. On TWICE’s official Instagram feed, a video — said to be taken inside the JYP Entertainment building — captured the heartwarming reunion!.

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